A Message from Pastor Val

A Message from Pastor Val

Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a good week!  Thank you so much to all of you who came out for Rally Sunday!  It was a great morning of worship, picnic and service project. Special thanks to the Women of Peace and the Men of Peace for all of your help!

Tomorrow, September 13, evening is confirmation orientation for all students:new to the program, returning students, and all 9th graders who are being confirmed.Orientation begins at 6 pm in the fellowship hall. I will be a few minutes late, so the group in the fellowship hall will begin their time with filling out the registration forms. 9th graders will meet with Chantal to receive robes. Chantal will also need the confirmands first, middle and last name for the certificates; and the Bible verse chosen. Chantal also has a list of Bible verses should your child need to choose on Wednesday night.  I also have some pre-made stoles for those students who need one.

9th graders pictures and practice are this Sunday, September 17, beginning at 11:30 am.  Both parents and student being confirmed need to stay for pictures and practice. It is important that your child is robed and in the sanctuary by 11:30 am. If you have questions, reach out to me or to Chantal Branker.

Confirmation Sunday is September 24; worship is at 10am.  All students being confirmed in worship are to arrive by 9:30 am and meet in the choir room.

There are many opportunities to serve coffee and refreshments in the coming weeks. Please sign up to serve. If you need help or have questions, please contact the church office.  This is a great opportunity for a group from the church or for a group of friends to serve together! 


Wednesday night suppers begin on September 20th. We are serving from 5-6 pm. These meals are open to the community, so be sure and invite friends! If you can volunteer to help prepare and serve the meals, please contact the church officeand we will forward your information to Nancy Ritzinger. Nancy is planning the meals and will lead our volunteers!

The Connect-Up Parents group will begin meeting on Monday, September 18th, in the Fireside Room.  This parent group is a discussion and support group for parents of middle and high school students.  Please contact the church office if you have any questions. All parents of middle and high school students are welcome!

Erik Nelson, a second- year seminarian has joined our ministry team. Erik looks forward to assisting with confirmation instruction, and helping in worship this year. Please welcome him when you see him!

Thank you so much to all who have given additional financial gifts to the mission and ministry of Peace Lutheran. As we look to fall and to returning to many activities and programs, we rely on your generosity and financial gifts to keep Peace Lutheran on a healthy financial footing. We are asking that you would pray for our congregation, and consider an additional, sacrificial gift toward our ministry together! At this time, we have borrowed additional funds from our line of credit, raising it to near $69,000 as of the end of this month. This should not be considered a set- back; only that as we return to worship this fall and to events and activities, that we attend to the financial health of our congregation.  Thank you for your prayers and considerations!

To give online now, place your mouse over the blue link

www.peacecoonrapids.org/giving and press Control + Click. This will take you to Peace’s website page for Giving



Take care… be safe…

Pastor Valerie