A Message from Pastor Val

A Message from Pastor Val

Dear Friends,

I hope your week is going well! Thank you to those who came to the Annual Meeting last Sunday. It was a good meeting and good to appreciate our congregation, all the staff and our many faithful volunteers. We had an opportunity to begin discussions and to look to the future of Peace Lutheran…

Here are a few of my reflections from the Annual Meeting.

First, I truly appreciate and am grateful for the leadership of our Church Council, Finance Team, and the Endowment Board. In addition, to these, since I can’t name all the groups or volunteers on ministry teams, my thanks to all of you for your service to Peace Lutheran.

Second, I appreciate my staff and the dedicated employees in every aspect of Peace. I encourage you to be an encouragement to those who seek to serve as employees of our church. A kind word is always uplifting.

Third, I appreciate those of you who are prayerful and encouraging of my work as your Senior Pastor. There is much to do every day, and your kind words are treasured.

Fourth: We continue to update our website. During the week, we will have information as to who is on Church Council, with contact emails for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. As always, should you need those contacts, they will be available on the website and also, you are welcome to call the Church Office and ask for any assistance you might need. We are always there to answer your questions. My Vicar, Jessie Hodgson continues to update the site each week. He is currently putting Council Minutes on the site in addition to the Newsletter, and other items.  If you need any material that is not currently posted on our website, please call the Church Office with your questions.  In addition, for those of you with website experience, you are welcome to contact me, and we can get you set up to help us update material. In other words, we are here to serve you and to be of help. It’s important for all of us to work together on projects. Website update is an ongoing task, and we appreciate your patience, understanding and constructive feedback.

Fifth: We currently continue to have one service at 10 am. We are not going to add additional worship services until the 10 am service fills and we have cause to add an additional worship time. On Easter Sunday, there will be two celebration services: one at 8:30 am and the other at 10 am. Please keep in mind that since COVID, we have continued to livestream services, and we have a regular (invisible to us) congregation joining us online. Also, please keep in mind that we are still fighting our way to the ‘new normal’ that COVID created not only in our personal lives but in so many aspects of our public life as well. I encourage those of you who can, to be regular in worship. With the Lenten Season approaching, I hope that you make a special effort to attend Wednesday evening worship, beginning with Ash Wednesday worship on February 22 at 6:30 pm.  We have taken care to supply meaningful Lenten worship services, and we look forward to your participation.

Sixth: We are entering a new time at Peace.  Members voted to allow the Church Council to bring information forward for discovering the worth of the 2 acres of Outlot A, closest to Butternut St and to bring that information back to the congregation. You will be receiving updates in the Council Minutes over the next while. Should there be some information or opportunities, be assured that the data will come back to you at a special meeting of the congregation. Very important, when it is time for us to meet, you will receive notice of such a meeting well in advanced.

Seventh: There is so much to celebrate as a congregation. As the Body of Christ, we move forward together in unity and encouragement and listening; and we must remember to show kindness and wisdom in the ways we interact, the words we choose to say, and the actions that we take.

Recently, two of our energized and caring members came in and visited about their vision for Peace Lutheran. Our conversation was such an encouragement to our ministry together. I am always available to connect with you. I am interested in the energy you have for service and for moving together on behalf of those we are called to serve. There are no small questions or no unimportant thoughts. I look forward to visiting and to conversation surrounding this church we all love so much. Please feel free to contact me and we can make a time to visit.

Bruce and I will be leaving for Egypt on Wednesday, February 16, and will return to the States on Monday, February 27. For those days, Pastor Galen Hora will be with you worship. Pastor Galen will respond to emergencies while I’m on vacation. I am looking forward to this trip, and look forward to returning safely to you. Thank you for your travel prayers, they are appreciated!

Have a great week. Take care. Be safe.

Pastor Valerie